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At Super Sick, we share a common driving force – to make great music.

It really is that simple, we provide high quality production services while also helping young artists to experiment and grow whenever we can.


£125.00per day

An EP can be an artist's best option by far, especially when starting out, or when the budget isn't available to lay down a whole album. Also, this gives the artist the best chance of hitting a collection of bangers rather than having the occasional 'filler' throughout an album. To qualify for EP pricing, at least three tracks are needed.



£100.00per day

Album's aren't dead! If you are at the stage where your next step is a whole album then I'm always excited to work on bigger projects. If you're ready to album up, get in touch and lets talk the project through and plan the best way to move forward.

 To qualify for album pricing, at least seven tracks are required.





How do you expect a producer to produce awesome tracks for you without the experience of penning high quality, successful songs themselves? I have a long history of writing successful songs and currently hold a publishing deal.


I can't help but get involved in the details of a song, especially in the melodies and rhythms, I'm not just a button pusher, you get a passionate musician on hand as well.


Transparent pricing is a priority. I offer excellent services at some of the most reasonable prices.

No hidden charges, and with the possibility of free online distribution.

Some Of my Past Projects

Joe Brewer

Producer, Singer, Songsmith

"Self assessment is an integral part of writing and creating music. After all, if you're not trying to better your last performance, what the hell are you doing?"

Kind Words


“Recording with Joe at Super Sick Studios was awesome. He recorded, mixed and mastered my best recordings to date. The studio is a great place to work too! He also had some great ideas to better the tracks which I think is better than recording with someone who just presses buttons.”


“Working at Super Sick Studios was a great experience - it’s not just a place to record - it’s a place where they will pick apart and really produce your tracks to get the best out of them. We got to see our songs evolve over the week long process - and it’s so exciting. Joe has got a fantastic musical brain which he puts to the test - he does challenge you, in a relaxed environment - and it definitely gets the best out of you as a band and as a performer.”

The Tuesday Syndicate

"Our time spent in the the studio with Joe was excellent. Nothing made too serious while still managing to get a seriously good record made, and in such a short space of time too! The techniques used were clearly well thought out and rehearsed making the best of the space and equipment we had. There was also a great deal of production shown by Joe in terms of suggesting changes to better the overall sound of the tracks, these were taken on-board almost every time they were mentioned. The end result was loved unanimously and there’s been a good relationship made between Joe and the band. It would be a pleasure to work with him again!"


“It was really good to record with Joe, he was always really relaxed and enjoyable to be around which is cool. He contributed loads of great stuff to my EP and he was generally  really helpful. I'm definitely glad I trusted him in the studio, he knows what he's on about and ᅠI'm really happy with how he has produced the ᅠmusic. Iᅠ recommend ᅠhim! I wouldᅠ definitely do it again”

Single Production from

£140.00per day

A well-crafted record that conveys energy and emotion eventually ends up getting noticed and plays a vital role in any artists situation. It is a musical snapshot personal to that period of time. I work together with musicians from all over the UK (and further afield) to shine a light on their unique strengths and sound. We organize the individual talents and songs thoughtfully, to get the most out of the artist, which in turn, aims to make their music stand out among a growing sea of noise.


i want to see you succeed

Deals & Offers


Being a new or yet to be established artist is hard, I know, I've been there.

 From time to time I do a run of offers to help musicians out, any current deals are below:


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Woolsery, North Devon, UK

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